Jodi Zayas | Energy Healer | Intuitive Guide

Miracles Made Real

If you've landed on this site, 

there's a reason; trust it.

Welcome!  Here's a little bit about what I do and why I do it...

10 years ago during a layer of my own healing journey, my intuitive gifts opened up and this sacred work became clear;

I began my practice, study and/or training in the field of alternative healing.  See Training & Experience page for more info.  

Spiritually-oriented, intuitive and bright people tend to be drawn to work with me. 

I channel the divine for personalized energy healing and intuitive guidance.  The potent and visceral sense of safety, belonging, insight and power in sessions is hard to describe. 

Healing and insight comes in perfect timing; it is an organic, non-linear process that is best met with patience and compassion as it unfolds.  I'm incredibly honored to be part of the miracles taking place in clients' lives.    

What to Expect 

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