What to Expect

You can expect a potent, divinely inspired space to receive guidance and healing on your current body, mind and/or soul needs.  No two sessions are the same and the feelings of safety and power are remarkable.  A variety of topics come up in sessions through love and wisdom; too many to list here, and it is a conversation that flows naturally.

Prior to the session, the divine is asked to ensure that all discussion, healing, growth and insight comes through perfectly as you need it and in the most loving manner. 

We create the session together by allowing the divine to move through us; opening with a discussion about your current needs, guided meditation, then possibly simple movements for energetic release.  Your openness to receive and active participation is encouraged and important!

Sessions are personalized specially for you, in the moment, by the divine.  It is beautiful to witness and experience.  

Hands-on energy healing, reading, and spiritual guidance are given simultaneously.  Take only what serves you and leave the rest.  Your intuition is the authority on your experience.

Sessions usually conclude with a divine message, grounding the energy back into the body and Q&A. 

Know that healing and prayer continue even after the session takes place.  Do you feel the call to move even more fully into alignment with your infinite self - your soul?  If so, these sessions are for you.

As of April 2020, I am on sabbatical for a year.

I confidently recommend the following professionals for your needs.  I have had incredible experiences with them both.  You will be in good hands.

Barbra White who is a phenomenal teacher and healer.


Violet Eden who is one of the best therapists on the planet.

 (734) 776-2284