Jodi Zayas | Energy Healing | Spiritual Advocate

Yspilanti Township, MI



Training & Experience

Learning is a continual process of course; I generally follow spirit's guidance on what education is needed next to help others; as well as, bolster my own personal growth and balance - they often go hand-in-hand.  This work started as a calling in prayer and meditation.  I had visions of my hands brightly shining and heard the message to share it.  Through the years, the way I help has evolved.  I've trained with several wise and inspiring one-on-one mentors and teachers.  I am currently being mentored by a phenomenal teacher through Gaia Wisdom School on the sacred wheel and practical shamanism.  Some of the other organizations through which I've formally trained are Southwest Institute of Healing Arts in Pheonix, AZ, Naturopathic School of Healing Arts in Ann Arbor, MI, Carolyn Myss Education.  And also self-study via reading, meditation, conscious physical movement and gathering with like-hearted others.


  • hypnotherapy

  • authenticity and intuition correlation

  • meditation/prayer

  • archetypes

  • critical thinking and inner-knowing

  • divine feminine/masculine

  • heart-led action vs determination

  • sacred purpose (job/career is only one aspect)

  • mysticism

  • body awareness for grounding

  • healers code of ethics

  • meditation - various methods

  • yoga - various methods

  • energetic/spiritual boundaries

  • physical pain/emotion correlation

  • manifestation and positive-thinking myth

  • types of psychic gifts

  • laughter as healer

  • chakra functions

  • divinely guided meditation

  • self-acceptance process

  • ecotherapy

  • various energy healing modalities

  • soul coaching

  • somatic movements for energetic release

  • benevolent beings

  • essential oil benefits

  • self-care actions that work