Around 12 years ago, during layers of my own healing journey (as happens with many of us), the desire to help others opened up and this sacred work started to come together bit by bit;  


With the support and encouragement from some special beings (human and divine, seen and unseen) around me, I began to practice, study and/or train in the field of alternative healing.  And it still continues well as the awe I experience in every session.


Spiritually-oriented, intuitive and bright people tend to be drawn to work with me.   It's counter-cultural to truly love all parts of ourselves and to know and take action from that still, small voice within.  Yes, we can be involved in culture, enjoy the parts of it we feel good about and still take back our God-given right to know our own soul and its desire to express itself fully through us.


With humor, respect and awareness of my own limitations, I ask the divine to flow through me for personalized energy healing and intuitive guidance.  I become a conduit to create the space for your soul's guidance.  We work together to listen and interpret what comes through for you.  The potent and visceral sense of safety, belonging, and power in sessions is hard to describe.  

Healing comes in many forms and in its own, perfect timing; it is an organic, non-linear process and sometimes unfolds in ways we may not expect.  This is best met with patience, compassion, and discernment as it develops.  We are many-a-layered beings!  I'm honored to be part of the real miracles taking place.

As of April 2020, I am on sabbatical for a year.

I confidently recommend the following professionals for your needs.  I have had incredible experiences with them both.  You will be in good hands.

Barbra White who is a phenomenal teacher and healer.


Violet Eden who is one of the best therapists on the planet.

 (734) 776-2284