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Jodi Zayas 

Health Intuitive


Intuitive Sessions

Sessions begin as soon as you have scheduled the appointment.  You are prayed for before, during and after your appointment.  Divine guidance is uniquely channeled for you.  Your permission and openness is important but rest assured you will feel the love and presence that so allows receptivity.   Your free will is always respected.  Your intuition is valued and invited as part of the process.  You are a sacred force.  Most feel that something very special is taking place during sessions; because it is.

A note about time spent in sessions.  It is common that the session will last longer than an hour to allow for full guidance to take place.  The price remains the same.  If you want to end by a certain time, please let Jodi know and she will honor this request.  Otherwise, please allow for about an hour and 1/2 or maybe more depending on your healing needs.

Each session is channeled; meaning the divine is working through Jodi for your highest benefit and healing.  It consists of inspired meditation, conversation around and response to your present needs and light touch during the energy reading and work.  You can expect to feel energized, supported and peaceful during and after sessions.  Because healing and health is a process, regular sessions allow for full transformation.  They are a sacred and potent time to become the whole and healed you.

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