202 E. Washington St
4th Floor (400A2)
Ann Arbor, MI


Jodi Zayas 

Health Intuitive


About Jodi

Along her own healing journey, Jodi realized she has a gift that allows her to see, feel and help bodily and emotional symptoms in people and animals.  She holds this spiritual privilege in high regard and appreciates the opportunities to help others in this way. 

All training and practice in coaching, ecotherapy, hypnotherapy, self acceptance, body movement, prayer and energy work she pursues is used in sessions with clients but the main focus is on channeling divine guidance specifically for each person's unique needs.  A variety of topics are covered along with physical   symptoms.  Healing that people experience are of both a physical and spiritual nature. 

 She loves and respects people of all cultures and backgrounds and strongly values freedom of will and expression.  As she sees life and this work as precious and holy, those spiritually open tend to be drawn to her.  She is incredibly grateful to be a part of the miracles taking place with clients.