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Ann Arbor, MI


        Soul Coaching and Energy Healing

Jodi Zayas

Healing Facilitator

soul coaching energy work healing spiritual growth hypnotherapy

Jodi considers herself a facilitator as the growth that comes from sessions is based on the triad connection between the divine, herself and you.  Grateful for all her teachers and support along the way; she has made an agreement with the source of love to hold compassionate space for you along your journey.  Jodi works with the energy system of love to expand healthy energy.  She values people of all cultures and backgrounds, having spent time and grown up around the world in multiple states and countries.  Clients who take an active role in their own growth and health are generally drawn to work with Jodi for the compassion, insight and momentum she offers.  While she holds a traditional bachelor's degree in Business Administration and English Literature, she engages in continuous training on holistic, intuitive, spiritual and mind/body/soul connection  topics, initially ignited during her own healing journey.  Her style is lighthearted and focused, simultaneously, with a commitment to healthy habits, authenticity, meditation, physical and spiritual exercise, a sense of humor and personal growth in her own life that supports her work with clients.  Several deeply knowledgeable teachers along with energy medicine experts Carolyn Myss and Donna Eden have influenced her approach and fortified her ethical convictions.   Jodi offers Energy Healing (various types) Ecotherapy, Hypnotherapy, Life Coaching at the Soul Level, Body Movement and Self Acceptance guidance.   Specializing in mind/body/soul health, achieving specific goals, spiritual awareness, relationships, and life transitions; she conducts each session with active listening, creating a safe therapeutic space, respecting boundaries, and following the divine intelligence inherent within  and around all of us.